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Something's wrong with you people...
Why are you in such a fucking hurry to get everywhere?
I mean, come on, you only have to cross the street to get to your busstop and you're five minutes early...
MUST you go on the don't walk, just because you can?
I'm gonna sit at the curb and wait for walk, and then I'll cross...
And I'll wind up getting on that bus at the same time as you.
Hell, usually I get on first because I don't go behind the damn booth and complain about how late the bus is...
After you RUSHED OVER THERE you COMPLAIN about how LATE IT IS when it's ON TIME...
How does that make sense to you?
All this rushing and pushing isn't getting you there any faster, but slowing things down.
See, when you piss somone off, they're less likely to do what you want in return.
So, when you honk at that car stuck in the intersection because of heavy traffic, blocking your lane of traffic, he just may wind up not moving those three inches forwards that would allow you to pass in spite...
And so you fume, and when they pull in, you immediately take their place, blocking the lane for the NEXT CAR...
And you get ANGRY at THEM for honking at YOU for doing the EXACT SAME THING you that was JUST DONE TO YOU...
Noticing a cycle here?
Does this get you home faster?
Why do I care?
Because idiots like you up the overall stress, and that's what leads to road rage...
You may only honk at one guy, but you may wind up causing somone to run a kid down in the street.
The world works like that.
Don't be an idiot.
Think before you yell.